TPE Spring Cable

TPE Spring Cable

Feature: light-weight, less cost.
Popular style: UL20327, UL20841
Rated temperature: 80~125°C.
Rated voltage: 300V.

Cable structure:

Conductor material: Annealed copper wire strands.
Insulation material: AWM compliant material.
Jacket material: Thermoplastic elastomer TPE.
Screen shield type: Foil or Mylar, optional.
Uniform insulation thickness for easy stripping operation.

Ultra flexibility:

Fixed operation length: spiral length (at rest) x 3.5.
Maximum extended distance: spiral length (at rest) x 4.0.
Ultra flexible cable is good for applications that require tight turns under limit space.

Good reliability:

Excellent resistance to extremely cold use condition, up to -40°C.
Dielectric voltage: 2000V AC.

Recommended application:

Signal and power interconnection of electrical devices and equipment.

UL certification of TPE spring cable:

UL20057, UL20137, UL20139, UL20255, UL20256, UL20292, UL20327, UL20328, UL20329, UL20330, UL20346, UL20390, UL20617, UL20618, UL20625, UL20626, UL20806, UL20820, UL20841, UL20842, UL20843, UL20844, UL20863, UL20904, UL20955, UL21002, UL21144, UL21183, UL21184, UL21235, UL21296, UL21371, UL21381, UL21387, UL21394, UL21445, UL21484, UL21556, UL21557, UL21572, UL21705, UL21707, UL21714, UL21715